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Build an Exclusive Connection with the Source

At Dovecote we meticulously farm every vine and hand-craft each wine as a means of deepening our relationship with the land from which it originates. We take pride in sharing this special experience with others who seek a closer connection with nature’s most sincere time-capsule.

Membership is our only means of distribution and is limited to a maximum of 100 individuals.

We are honored to invite you to join us.

Dovecote Wine Membership

Twice a year

Member benefits include:

  • Exclusive Tastings: Reserve a visit to our Mission Pond and taste our estate wines where they are grown. 
  • Special Bottlings:  Allocation of special reserve and ultra-small-lot private vintage wines not sold or available anywhere but at the ranch.
  • Ranch Access: Reserve private access to beautiful day-use and guest venues at Dovecote Ranch.
Spring Shipment QUANTITY COST
Usually three reds and three white wines Quantity: six Bottles Cost: $270.00 – $345.00
Usually four reds and two white wines Quantity: six Bottles Cost: $290.00 – $390.00
Price does not include taxes or shipping. Price does not include taxes or shipping.