Dovecote Redtail Wine

2016 Redtail

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Treatise of the Vintage

Redtail’s purpose is to honor each vintage’s disposition with unaltered purity of fruit and a complex but balanced harmony of composition. It is a tribute in name to the lords of the sky at Dovecote, our numerous resident families of beautiful red-tailed hawks. As we farm, we carefully observe the palette of grapes grown on our vineyard. Every vintage is unique, and specific varietals shine brightly during different years. We then harvest and blend the season’s most compelling red fruit and craft a wine that highlights its distinct combined character. Grapes are hand harvested at night, meticulously hand-sorted, cold soaked, fermented in small open-top bins, gently pressed, and then aged for 12-18 months in 100% neutral French oak barrels.  It is bottle-rested for a minimum of a year before release.